Puppy Description:




Birth Weight: 



1 Week Old Weight: 

2 Week Old Weight: 

3 Week Old Weight: 

4 Week Old Weight: 

5 Week Old Weight: 

6 Week Old Weight: 

7 Week Old Weight: 

8 Week Old Weight: 


Payment Options: 


  1. $390 (30% deposit) - standard option (no embark purebred health package).
  2. $540 (30% deposit) - standard option (includes embark purebred health package).
  3. $910 (balance) - balance of payment prior to puppy pickup.
  4. $1300 full payment - if you're purchasing a puppy with a tail or last minute purchase. If you wish to purchase an optional embark purebred health package last minute, please contact me so I can order one for you. The results will not arrive prior to puppy leaving our care.


Blue Collar

  • Prior to leaving our home, puppies will receive:

    1. First set of puppy shots (8 weeks)
    2. Bi-weekly deworming
    3. Pedigree tree
    4. Canine history
    5. Tails are docked at 3 days of age and dew claws removed.

    Puppies receive weekly baths, nail trimmings and introduction into potty training so they're familiar with each process before going to their forever home.